Social Neuroscience and Social Psychology

Team Prof. Dr. Daria Knoch (Ordinaria, chair)

Dr. Emmanuel Guizar Rosales

+41 31 684 40 28
A 335
Postal Address
University of Bern
Institute of Psychology
Department of Social Neuroscience and Social Psychology
Fabrikstrasse 8
3012 Bern / Switzerland

Wyss, A.M., Baumgartner, T., Guizar Rosales, E., Soutschek, A. & Knoch, D. (2024). Cathodal HD-tDCS above the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex increases environmentally sustainable decision-making. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Link to article.

Baumgartner, T.*, Guizar Rosales E.* & Knoch, D. (2023). Neural mechanisms underlying interindividual differences in intergenerational sustainable behavior. Scientific Reports. (*shared first co-authorship). Link to article. 

Guizar Rosales, E.*, Baumgartner, T.* & Knoch, D. (2022). Interindividual differences in intergenerational sustainable behavior are associated with cortical thickness of the dorsomedial and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Neuroimage. (*shared first co-authorship). Link to article.