Titleimage: Social Neuroscience and Social Psychology


The Division of Social Neuroscience and Social Psychology investigates general principles of human behavior and decisions in a social context.
We are in the Institute of Psychology at the University of Bern.

We consist of two research groups:

Prof. Dr. Daria Knoch (chair)
Prof. Dr. Sabine Sczesny


Emmanuel and Mirjam wear their doctoral hats, which represent the contents of their dissertations, e.g. a bed and brain on Mirjam's hat and a brain and globe on Emmanuel's hat.


Congratulations to Mirjam Studler and Emmanuel Guizar Rosales on successfully obtaining their doctoral degree. In her doctoral thesis, Mirjam used EEG to decode the sleeping mind, while in his doctoral thesis, Emmanuel used fMRI to study the neural basis of sustainable behavior. Both will stay with us a bit longer as postdocs and we couldn’t be happier.

A photo of Annika Wyss wearing a doctoral hat; the hat depicts important aspects of her dissertation, e.g., a brain, tDCS electrodes, and green trees.


Congratulations to Annika Wyss on successfully obtaining her doctoral degree for her thesis "Human Behavior and the Anthropocene - Studying the Determinants of Pro-Environmental Behavior from an Environmental Psychological Perspective". We wish her lots of success and good luck for the future!

A photo of the brain stimulation team.

Brain Stimulation Team

An exciting experiment with non-invasive brain stimulation is starting soon - here's our great brain stimulation team!

A photo from the team of a sleep study.

Sleep Dream Team

A photo from the team of a sleep study.


A warm welcome to our Sleep Dream Team!

A photo of Benedikt Langenbach wearing a doctoral hat, which shows important aspects of his dissertation, e.g. a picture of his brain, a blue planet, and tDCS electrodes.

Congratulations to Benedikt Langenbach on obtaining his doctoral degree

In his doctoral thesis, Benedikt studied the brain processes involved in sustainable decision-making. He will leave our department by the end of 2019. We wish him lots of success and good luck in his new position at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE).


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