Soziale Neurowissenschaft und Sozialpsychologie

Soziale Neurowissenschaft und Sozialpsychologie

Dr. Marina Wunderlin

+41 31 684 36 38
A 339
Universität Bern
Institut für Psychologie
Abteilung Soziale Neurowissenschaft und Sozialpsychologie
Fabrikstrasse 8
3012 Bern / Schweiz

Wunderlin, M.*, Studler, M.*, Gianotti, L.R.R., Züst, M.A. & Knoch, D. (2024). Interindividual differences in mindfulness are linked to sleep-electroencephalographic characteristics. Sleep. (*shared first co-authorship). Link to article.

Wunderlin, M., Züst, M. A., Fehér, K. D., Klöppel, S., & Nissen, C. (2020). The role of slow wave sleep in the development of dementia and its potential for preventative interventions. Psychiatry research: Neuroimaging. Link to article.

Wunderlin, M., Züst, M. A., Hertenstein, E., Fehér, K. D., Schneider, C. L., Klöppel, S., & Nissen, C. (2021). Modulating overnight memory consolidation by acoustic stimulation during slow wave sleep–a systematic review and meta-analysis. Sleep. Link to article.  

Wunderlin, M., Koenig, Zeller, C., T., Nissen, C., Züst, M.A. (2022). Automatized online prediction of slow wave peaks during NREM sleep in young and old individuals: Why we should not always rely on amplitude thresholds. Journal of Sleep Research. Link to article.  

Fehér, K. D., Wunderlin, M., Maier, J. G., Hertenstein, E., Schneider, C., Mikutta, C., ... & Nissen, C. (2021). Shaping the slow waves of sleep: A systematic and integrative review of sleep slow wave modulation in humans using non-invasive brain stimulation. Sleep Medicine Reviews. Link to article. 

Hertenstein, E., Trinca, E., Wunderlin, M., Schneider, C. L., Züst, M. A., Fehér, K. D., ... & Nissen, C. (2022). Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia in patients with mental disorders and comorbid insomnia: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Sleep medicine reviews. Link to article. 

Geiser, T., Hertenstein, E., Fehér, K., Maier, J. G., Schneider, C. L., Züst, M. A., Wunderlin, M., Mikutta, C., Klöppel, S., & Nissen, C. (2020). Targeting Arousal and Sleep through Noninvasive Brain Stimulation to Improve Mental Health. NeuropsychobiologyLink to article. 

Hertenstein, E., Trinca, E., Schneider, C.L., Wunderlin, M., Fehér, K.D., Riemann, D. & Nissen, C. (2021). Augmentation of psychotherapy with neurobiological methods - current state and future directions. Neuropsychobiology. Link to article.

Klink, K., Jaun, U., Federspiel, A., Wunderlin, M., Teunissen, C. E., Kiefer, C., ... & Peter, J. (2021). Targeting hippocampal hyperactivity with real-time fMRI neurofeedback: protocol of a single-blind randomized controlled trial in mild cognitive impairment. BMC Psychiatry. Link to article.  


I am a cognitive neuroscientist with a focus on sleep research. My previous work has centered on the interplay of sleep, memory and neurodegeneration as well as on non-invasive sleep modulation. My current interests involve how sleep markers relate to social decision making.